Prestonwood Polo Foundation

Prestonwood Polo Foundation, Inc.

Prestonwood Polo Foundation Inc. is a non-profit 501 3(c) organization founded to raise money for women’s and children’s causes in the North Texas community while growing awareness for the sport of polo.

Mission Statement

Prestonwood Polo Foundation Inc. raises money for women’s and children’s causes in our community while growing awareness for the sport of polo; and building polo in the north Texas region; and participating in youth polo programs such as USPA Interscholastic and intercollegiate polo.


The foundation has raised over thousands of dollars children's charities with a special focus on domestic violence and children with serious medical needs. Prestonwood Polo Foundation's goal is to continue that effort while building the sport of polo.

Equestrian Youth Sports

Keeping youngsters in sports programs is extremely important, it helps keep them away from potential dangers of our society. There is also a therapeutic side to participating in a sport with horses. The connection between horse and rider is like none other. Therapeutic riding programs such as Equest have proven to help children with disabilities physically, mentally, emotionally and Socially.

Support our Polo Program

Please make a donation today to support our efforts to build polo in north Texas. Prestonwood donates its facilities and equipment to bring new players into the sport. However we have many expenses that your donations can help with including:

  • Polo School Horses
  • Feeding & Grooming
  • Saddles & Tack
  • Equipment & Facility maintenance
  • and much more!