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  • Two people on horses playing polo
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Welcome to Prestonwood: Live here. Play here.

Looking for a polo club? We love this sport and would love to have you join us!

Prestonwood Polo & Country Club is the premier polo club of north Texas, located on 97 acres of pristine real estate north of Dallas between Frisco and Denton in the town of Oak Point. We recently completed a successful re-development of the polo grounds including the addition of 22 new home lots with spectacular views of the polo fields and world class equestrian art. We have 3 polo fields and 2 polo arenas where we play family style polo year-round for both beginners and advanced players. Learn how to be a Member and live here, play here!

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Prestonwood offers both youth and adult polo programs for beginners and experienced players. Our coach has won two National Interscholastic Championships, five Central USA Interscholastic Championships, and one Central USA Intercollegiate Championship. Join our Texas polo club today!

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Recent News


Prestonwood Polo Club Fall 2021 Schedule

The Fall polo season in Dallas kicks off Saturday September 18 with our popular season opening White Dress party: Polo en Blanc & White Haute Dinner. Polo continues every Saturday afternoon this Fall...

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Prestonwood's Young New Leadership; 10-Years of I-I Polo & 17 USPA Equine Awards

Prestonwood is excited to announce its young new leadership team: Vaughn Miller Jr has been appointed Director of Operations & USPA Delegate, Morgan McBride is Club Manager & Director of Intercollegiate Programs and Vance Miller III is Head Instructor of Interscholastic / Middle School program...

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Polo players during match

Prestonwood Polo Club 2021 Schedule

Spring polo season is just about upon us and Texas is 100% open! We hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy, now its time to get outside to enjoy some warm Texas sunshine and our freshly cut green grass! We have an exciting season planned that we're sure you'll enjoy...

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Six people posing for photograph during awards ceremony.

Vaughn Miller Jr Earns MVP in USPA National Inter-circuit at Sarasota Polo Club

Vaughn Miller Jr currently rated 1.5 goals and going to 2-goals June 1, 2021, earned MVP playing with teammate Mason Wroe for the Hillcroft Farms team in their win over Glen Farm 10-5 in the USPA National Inter-circuit 10-Goal tournament at Sarasota Polo Club...

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